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Distance being taken into account on "Workout" activity, leading to wrong data

Mt. Kenya

I've just had a spin class (while wearing a chest heart rate monitor) and, when finishing the activity, I chose a wrong sport by mistake (I don't even know what it was anymore). After editing that (I've tried a bunch since, but it's on "workout" now), it shows an elapsed time of 30+ minutes (which corresponds to actual active time), however it also accounts for a distance of 0.37km (a bunch of jagged lines around the building) and a matching moving time of 5+ minutes, leading to big distortions in the heart rate data and graphs.

As I understand it, the "workout" (and others) category should ignore the distance data, no? Perhaps the fact I at first chose a sport that accounts for distance permanently screwed it up and is not being corrected even by editing it?

Any suggestions?


Moderator Moderator

Hello @lag 

Thanks for posting about this. 

For an indoor spin class, the best option would be to set the activity type to "ride" and select the indoor tag as you have done.  I'm not sure why your heart rate zone data isn't showing correctly - are there places in the ride where the heart rate didn't record?  That could be one cause.  In that case, using perceived exertion to over write the erroneous heart rate data would definitely be the best option.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

@Jane wrote:

are there places in the ride where the heart rate didn't record? 

No, that's not the case, as evidenced by this web view of the activity, which allows to show heart rate data over time:


As opposed to the one using distance, also used as a basis for the Android app graphs, amounting to 5m, 0.37km total moving time:


Meanwhile this is what is shown to me in the app:

Android graphs.jpegperc1.jpegperc2.jpeg


Just to make it clear, from the testing I've been doing, I don't think this is due to user error, but rather a bug in the app, so I don't expect this particular activity to be corrected (at least any time soon) and that won't really impact me in any meaningful way, I'm mostly reporting it so it can be looked into and fixed in the (hopefully near) future.


Thanks for getting back to us.  To investigate further, we'll need to access your account and take a close look at that activity.  

I'm going to escalate this post to Strava Support so someone can take a closer look.  Please be patient and someone will be in touch with you soon.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

By the way, my app version is 335.10, running on a Moto G42 (Android 12).

Mt. Kenya

Update: apparently, when editing through a web browser, there's an option to add the "indoor" tag to the activity. I did that and... well, now the 5 minute "moving time" is gone, yet the HR Zones graph is even more off (the times in each zone still amount to 5m, but the percentages are not even consistent with that - or with anything really - anymore) and the other graph hasn't changed at all. If I set the perceived exertion to override the heart monitor data, it seems to correctly consider the full 30 minutes for that...