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Filter in the rankings based on the type of activity

Mt. Kenya

Due to the different disciplines (mtb, road, gravel) and the different vehicles (e-bike, bike), it would be useful and coherent if the segment ranking were shown by filtering the results based on the type of activity (mountain biking, pedaling, gravel) and excluding (always) the performance collected through the use of electric or pedal-assisted bicycles to avoid distorting the results.

veni, vidi, bici

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Hey @spfbiker
Sorry for the delay and thanks for sharing your thoughts on cycling performance with different types of bikes. There's an existing idea for this suggestion in our Ideas board, feel free to vote on it by clicking the kudos icon:

Separate Leaderboard for EBikes/different types of bikes

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Anche se molti utenti non classificano il proprio mezzo, l'attività viene comunque segnalata in base alla tipologia (mtb, pedalata).
La tipologia del mezzo influenza le prestazioni: peso, aerodinamica, resistenza sono fattori molto diversi tra una bici da MTB e una da strada, e non si può non tenerne conto.


Even if many users do not classify their vehicle, the activity is still reported based on the type (mtb, pedaling).
The type of vehicle influences performance: weight, aerodynamics, resistance are very different factors between a MTB and a road bike, and one cannot fail to take them into account.

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veni, vidi, bici

@spfbiker - There is no way for Strava to know what type of bike I am using or what type of ride it is if I don't specificlly select which bike I am using.  They aren't going to automatically determine whether it was a mtb or a road bike.  There would be way too much data already in the system that does not designate the different ride types to make separating them in the leaderboard of any value at all.  


The type of the activity doesn't have much significance. I ride the same bike on the same segments sometimes as Ride and sometimes as Gravel Ride depending what the prevalent surface of the activity was. A filter for the bike type were more useful but that idea was mentioned a few times already and has the main problem that not much people bother with classifying their bike and then there are all the historic activities to consider without a known bike type and when the different activity types didn't exist.

Electric assisted rides aren't in the segments anyway, except of course the user used the wrong activity type.