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Missing Segments in created Route

Mt. Kenya


after repeated evasive replies from support, I'm trying my luck here. I'm having a problem creating Routes from Activities. Or in general, if I create a Route on any course there are always less segments attached to this Route than there are available when riding the course.
For example I use this activity with 11 segments. If I create Route out of this activity there are only 3 segments attached to that Route as seen here:
Since for Live Segments feature used on Garmin devices the Route must be created in Strava and all segments must be packed together with the Route to actually work correctly, this bug makes this feature almost useless. I definitely cannot be the only one struggling with this. Any suggestion or ETA would be great either from Strava or from the community.
Thanks in advance for the advice and discussions.


Moderator Moderator

Hey @Miky,

We appreciate you writing in about this concern. Our team is aware of this issue and have been working on resolving it. Unfortunately, the progress on resolving has slower than expected. As of now, I don't have any additional information to share regarding the solution but your feedback & examples are very appreciated.

I know this is a feature you previously enjoyed so I want to thank you for being so patient when it comes to fixing this bug. When I hear any updates regarding a solution, I'll be sure to come back here to share the news.
Again, thank you so much for hanging in there with us.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team