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Resolved! Link from Photo to Activity

Hi, the mobile app used to have the functionality when viewing media (either mine or another athlete) to go straight to the activity. For example, you see they've taken a picture at the top of a famous climb so I'd like to view the activity to see th...

Stevo_79 by Mt. Kenya
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Getting rid of motorbike rides

I ride an e-bike and I often see motorbike rides recorded as an e-bike ride.  They have ridiculous speeds (above 100 km/h) and lead all segments and I'm getting tired of flagging them. It would be great if these were cleaned up automatically based on...

stclaus by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! PR's Different

I ran a PR on the 5k today.On the activity itself, it says 5k PR 24:00...On the All Time section under profile it says 23:59 from the same activity.Why the difference?

Elapsed Time for Miles

Recently I was riding and every time I completed a mile, the elapsed time for the mile would pop up at the top of the screen.  However now I don’t see that anymore.  I love that feature and want to know how to enable it again. 

CoachK by Mt. Kenya
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Retire gear component

Hi everyone. Is there any hack how to retire an added component to specific date at my bike in the Strava application. Here is the situation, I changed a chain 14 days ago, but I forget to retire the previous one on the day of change. When I want ret...

Blechoun by Mt. Kenya
  • 8 replies
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Why are satellite maps so out of date?

Strava, we love you, but why are the MapBox satellite maps so out of date? The house I live in was built in 2017 and is still showing up as a vacant lot. Entire developments near me are missing, including streets. This is not only inconvenient, it's ...

Resolved! Data gone from "Side by side comparison". Why?

It seems a recent change for user profiles (web version) was made in which data under "side by side comparison" is hidden when the user being viewed hasn't uploaded an activity for a few months. (I'm not sure what the exact timeframe is.) It's this w...

Resolved! Recording distances on an ergometer

I am doing bike training on an ergometer and recording it with my Garmin. Obviously no distance is recorded. The activity itself with time and heart rate is in Strava but without the distance which is anoying as those 1000 km this year I did in the g...

Give user option to show Elapsed Time (not Race)

I know this is a frequently requested feature from many users. Not sure why Strava hasn't rolled this out as a option under Preferences |   Show Elapsed Time in All ActivityI regularly post photos with workout stats on Facebook and the exhausting ste...

JS by Shkhara
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