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Resolved! How to compare previous year's stats with current?

Hi - Is there a way to view previous year's stats to compare with current? So for example, I might want to compare my rides over the last few years to see how many miles or climbing etc, that I've done in each year to monitor how I'm doing this year....

AMoss by Mt. Kenya
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Does anyone actually use the Trophy Case?

Trophies are displayed quite prominently in the Desktop and Mobile profile pages. On desktop, Trophies are shown above almost everything else, even above the weekly chart, or recent activities and photos.Personally, I join challenges but the resultin...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! creating my own challenge

I am about to celebrate 60 YO, and want to create a challenge for myself (1963km in 60 days) is it possible to create such a challenge on Strava where the app counts my km within the time frame?  Thank you all 

Jonrind by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Age categories

I've recently moved to the next age category on Strava.Since my birthday, none of my rides show me as being in the new category.  I can see my previous rides in the earlier category but when I look in the new category, instead of giving me a position...

kosmos by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Club Event duration for a virutal 100 spanning 1 month??

Hafa Adai from Guam!  Looking for some help.  We have a goal of hosting a virtual 100 mi run spanning 1 month.  The virtual 100 is the sum total of all miles/segments completed during the month. What is the best way to track this for all members with...

TripleE by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! App Updates...

Does anyone know how to get rid of this 'Getting Started' section at the top of the app..? I have completed 3 or the 4 steps (and don't want to subscribe to Strava). Any help please?


Resolved! Smartwool Active Challenge

I love Smartwool and was excited to complete this challenge, thanks Strava!

mlehane by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Leaderboard Position

I have seen a group with leaderboard at bottom, can i put my club leaderboard at bottom to show my posts on top??

Resolved! Segment Privacy

Many cyclist friends are abandoning Strava because of the segments. They would like to be able to make the times on the segments private but still leave the activity visible. Introducing a function that makes the times on the segments private would s...

Adryanx by Shkhara
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Resolved! Group activity peer activity title missing on android

In the aftermath of a group activity with people not on my feed I enjoy seeing that little title text they have set, if they did not just keep the default. That's often an indication of which activities to take a closer look at (pictures!), and the p...

usr by Pico de Orizaba
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