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Resolved! GPX Upload limit despite premium account

I've been using another app to record my routes for over 10 years and have now switched to Strava. I can upload 25 tracks at once and after about 4 repetitions I probably reached a limit and am locked out for a day. I also have a premium subscription...

Resolved! Image posting in "Manual activity"

Hello Strava, I recently found an issue where images currently selected for posting cannot be viewed in full.I feel this would be a great addition so users can check photos are correct. You could potentially allow the images added to a manual activit...

Resolved! Potential Segment Matches

When clicking the "Don't see the segment you're looking for?" link at the bottom of an activity, the list of potential segment matches is just a simple list, with no links to follow to the individual segment page. Would be very helpful to add this fe...

Resolved! Notifications not showing / app freezing

For days now I can't see my notifications because the page is constantly loading, this is all I ever see! I have uninstalled the app, switched my phone on / off, logged in/ out and nothing seems to help. The app is constantly freezing as's so...

Tess256 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Different data on total kilometers

I just noticed in my profile that today I made the 6,000 km in the year. BOOM!! When I switched to the dashboard view, I noticed that my annual goal only shows 5,948 km. What is true now? (Sorry for the German screenshots)

cylinder_0-1670416106720.png cylinder_2-1670416176899.png
cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Segnalazione attività / Activity reporting

Buonasera, nell'ultimo periodo mi è capitato più di una volta di provare a segnalare attività sospette poiché palesemente svolte, anche se parzialmente,in auto. Mi compare però un messaggio in cui mi si dice che ' non posseggo i permessi per segnalar...

Davide by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Manipulated GPX files for KOM cheating

Hello riders  !There's a suspicious rider cheating his way to KOM's by mainpulating gpx files & editing them through 3rd party or web to change his segment time for the are my points to back up my claim.1> Riders taken back to back 9 koms w...

shaurya by Shkhara
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