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Resolved! Signup issue

One of my reference is unable to signup, has tried multiple times from different web browsers

Screenshot 2023-05-08 095719.jpg

Resolved! Time hop activities - hate it!

So my feed is peppered with unsolicited check out this run you did 3 yrs ago / 5 yrs ago etcstrava say you can’t turn it off. I got injured 3 yrs ago have had several surgeries and can no longer walk further than about 3 miles never mind run. I can c...

Clare47 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Default activity always set to Gravel Ride. It bugs.

Hi, I've never ridden a gravel bike in my life. I was on a MOUNTAIN BIKE ride today, and yet again, for the like 100th time, my mountain bike ride was labeled a gravel ride. Is there not some way to set the default ride as a mountain bike ride? Every...

surfoxy by Shkhara
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Resolved! Merging rides

I recently attempted a 100k ride, but my watch died in the middle, and I restarted the app on my phone to finish. Is there a way to merge the rides so I can call it a true 100k ride?

Resolved! Heat map activities

I was just viewing my heat-map and saw a 'heat line' in an area that I didn't recall ever running there. I tried clicking the 'heat line' to see if it would take me to the activity(ies) that I had run there - it didn't.So, I'm thinking this could be ...

Resolved! challenges

I created a challenge for my cross country team it is scheduled to start in 2 weeks. I was able to see it under my joined challenges when I made it but now am unable to fine it. where did it go?  

Make Segment Creators Visible (Feature)

Don't you think it would be cool to see who actually created each segment (and to have that person's name displayed on the segment detail page). Strava is about the social connection among users, and this feature would increase that social aspect.A r...

Resolved! Audio notification

I would like to know why I can not listen audio notification by KM run, since I use a new Samsung phone.

HD by Mt. Kenya
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