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Resolved! Global leader boards?

I was wondering if there was a global stats leader board available? I reckon my 2022 end of year stats were pretty impressive and wondered how they compared with others?

Resolved! Map controls for heatmap?

How do you turn on the map controls to allow you to navigate around the heatmap, spin the map in all directions, change the viewing angle, etc. I seem to only be able to zoom.  Thanks

andrews by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Is it possible to edit Strava data?

Good morning everyone.I have started to mix up my runs by going for top spot on segments or at the very least beat my previous PR.I went for a run yesterday and aimed to beat a certain segment. I have got back and checked the segment. It's only a 0.2...

LukeJJ by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! From member to non member

1 question : if I cancel my subscription in Strava from member to non member can I keep my data and pictures? 2 question : without the subscription does the map mode can be activated in order to find my ways?

Resolved! Default Sport

When I go to my profile to set my “Default Sport” under “Display Preferences” it only gives me 2 choices Running or Cycling. I like to Hike as well as walk but these are not options. Seems a bit absurd to me…Am I missing something? If forces me to go...

Resolved! Can’t comment

 For some reason I haven’t been able to comment for the past 24 hours on activities. A message reads, “rate limit exceeded”. It is working again now. Thank you, Strava. 

Liv by Shkhara
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Resolved! It is difficult to find out my old activities.

Currently, I have 1,242 activities on Strava. Each 20 activities are displayed on my activities. So, it is difficult to find out my old activites. When I want to go on my 900~920 activities, I have to click 45 times. Could you change to easily go on ...

radcon by Mt. Kenya
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