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Resolved! Not getting Ride workout analysis

I'm not getting Ride workout analysis for my rides, but my friends getting the same for their rides, What is stopping me to get this? Kind support pls. (images of mine and my friend rides are attached)   

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 16.44.51_f7767b43.jpg WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 16.44.51_07e507a4.jpg
cyresh by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Local Legend several effort not counted

Hello, On this segment : I did this effort 6 times in the last 90 days and my profile shows that I only completed one effort Any idea why ?

Resolved! Better Reciepts

Quick backstory:Here in Sweden we have a system called friskvårdsbidrag (wellness subsidy) , an elective system where companies can hand out up to 5000sek (500usd) to its employees for exercise and health related services. For this however a receipt ...

Lxo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Can't select hike for default sport

So I created my account and I selected some sport including bicycle, hike and running. But when I try to change my default sport for hiking, it isn't visible in the dropdown, there is only cycling and running visible.   Any help will be appreciated

eli-ott by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Live Segments

HelloSomeone can help me?i want to hace live segments on my Garming 1040 but i do not know hot to do it, i already have strava premium 

Resolved! Kms instead of Miles

After I updated the app today, my training diary and progress graph have switched to display in Km, despite opting for Miles in settings. Activities in the feed still show in miles. I’ve toggled from miles>Km>mile in settings a number of times but th...

JimD by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Goals Missing from dashboard

Either I recently changed my settings inadvertently or the goals have disappeared from the dashboard page.  If you navigate to DASHBOARD / GOALS - that block HTML on the right that shows you goals used to be on the side of the dashboard screen.  Now ...

plpinto by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Group Activity Organizer

Is it possible to show the organizer of a group activity as the group itself rather than the individual who posted the specific event?

Krystal by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Can't share routes anymore? SOLVED

**found out that it's a private route which I can't change to public**I have been sharing my created routes with my riding partners for forever but with the new update there doesn't seem to be an easy way to share my routes with my riding partners.  ...

sshores by Mt. Kenya
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