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Resolved! Blue shaded circle around my location

Hi all,Can anyone help me get rid if the blue shaded circle?.  It happens every time I create a route and allow Strava to access my location. Makes the underlying map difficult to see.Thanks.

redart by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Side by Side Comparison missing Virtual rides?

I Zwift a lot, even during warmer months. I like the controlled environment and training aspect of it all. I noticed when viewing another athlete in Strava, the "Side by Side Comparison" does not reflect this (very real and full of blood, sweat, and ...

zbatman by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Global heatmap

If I log into STRAVA and look at the global heatmap, I just get a blank page. Can anybody tell me what I need to do to see the global heatmap?

Jasp by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! [bug] iOS Elevation metric truncated on "You" page

On one of my weeks in the "You" Progress view, the Elevation metric is truncated (it shows "1,654..." instead of "1,654 ft")This doesn't happen on any other data points that I can find. Just a random thought, I wonder if it's related to the duration ...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Training interrupted by phone restart

My phone turned off while I was record activity. After turning on the phone (I do not have a SIM card in it), incorrect date was displayed (31st February 2022). When I turned it back on, Strava showed the time with "-". After recording activity and c...

Resolved! Plan d'entraînement cyclisme / Cycling training plan

Bonjour les plans cyclisme son indiqué être des plans en salle ? Ça indique quoi ...pour home trainer ? On ne peut donc l'utiliser pour la route ?  TRANSLATION: Hello, are the cycling plans indicated to be indoor plans? What does that indicate...for ...

Zvince by Mt. Kenya
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