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Problem: privacy of group activities

Mt. Kenya

TLDR: allow athletes to be part of a group activity despite having their profiles private.

According to Group Activities Privacy Controls FAQ: 

Set your Group Activity privacy controls to 'Everyone' if you don’t mind other athletes seeing you were part of a group. When you select Everyone:

  • Any Strava athlete:
    • Can see that you were part of a group.
    • Can be matched to your activity.
    • Can see that you were matched to their activity.

Turns out, no matter if you set Group Activities to Everyone, if your Profile Page is set to Followers, only your followers will be able to see that you were part of a group.

For instance, if

  • user E has its Profile Page set to Everyone
  • user F has its Profile Page set to Followers
  • both have their Group Activities set to Everyone
  • user E and F do not follow each other
  • user E and F train together

Current behavior:

  • E will not see F in its group
  • F will see E in its group

Expected behavior:

  • Both E and F should see each other in the group

Even better:

  • Followers of E and/or F should see E and F as part of the same group.

Edit: actually, setting your Activities to Everyone fixes this, but it still would be nice if we could keep activities' location/map related data followers only and still be able to be part of groups.


Moderator Moderator

Hello @szymon_s 

Thanks for your post.  I've done some investigation into this and found that The activity's privacy setting will have a bearing on the visibility of the grouping, but the profile privacy setting will not.

Let us know if you have further questions about this.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team