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Segments on Maps


What have you done to the content of Segments on Maps? There is hardly any segments showing up any more! Why can't I get to see all the segments there is? Segments is very much the reason why I am a subscriber. When you take away the possibility to explore and find new segments there really isn't much meaning in staying on as a subscriber!

Please reverse it back to the old setup, where all segments was visible on the Explore Segments page!


Mt. Kenya

How do I search for segment names in the web application?  It seems it is no longer available.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Same question. Just updated the app and iPhone - and literally NO segments are showing up in well ridden areas! I use these to see if an area is safe to ride (current leaderboard dates) and for sure to push myself to QOMs and too 10s - this update is awful - why would they do this? Looks like TrailForks might be a better option at this point. Sad. 😕


When @Hasse wrote that the zooming feature didn't work (no new segments appeared when zooming in) but it seems this has been mostly rectified. There can still be areas where contrary to the former version of the web version of "explore segments" not a single segment is shown when zooming in even though there are some. But it's very seldom now and this largely unexplained "popular segments" ranking seems to regard a lot more segments than last week.

Moderator Moderator

Hey @Hasse,

You may not be able to see all segments because the segments shown in the given area based on many factors. Zooming in, zooming out, or enter a location, and Strava will offer the most popular segments in that area. For more information regarding our Segment Explore Feature please take a look at our support article here.

As for the current design of the Segment Explore page, we appreciate you for sharing your feedback.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

So according to the article, it is now only available on the website? Not anymore from the app? 
Segments are the best way to do fartlek runs, and personnaly, I am more on my phone than on my desktop… is that planned to recreate the dedicated section in the app? 

No, it's still working on the app, only it only shows "the most popular" (whatever that means) segments. Choose Maps, then click on Routes in the upper left and choose Segments instead.

How do I search for a segment by segment name?  This capability does not seem to be available from the Strava web page any more from the Explore Segments (this is a map visual search only) or anywhere else. 

In the web you click on the zoom symbol and then you can select segments:


Why they replaced an immediately visible search button by an unremarkable symbol so much people overlook I don't know, there is still more than enough place.

Thank you!  It was invisible to me 😉  Also confusing with the 'search for location' bar right below it.