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Thank you Strava

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IMG_5082.jpegWhat strava has done for me.

For me, strava has played a big role in my weight loss journey. And it all started a couple of years ago when a colleague pushed me to lose weight. And wanted me on strava. So he could keep an extra close eye on me and give me kudos when i was active. It was heavy, but I felt the little kudos I got and the little pressure to register something. It motivated me further. 
Unfortunately, I hurt my back, became unmotivated and deleted the account. Gained weight, and life became heavier again.

But i never completely gave up. After treatment and physiotherapy. Then it was back to good old strava. Competing against myself. Set better times, get higher on segments. And bang, to this day I am 45 kilos lighter. And it just keeps getting better. 
I have recruited others and created group challenges. And the feedback is that more people feel driven and motivated to be more active. You do something together and have a little competition.

I just want to say thank you strava. For being my go to app when it comes to activity. 
Thank you to all the people working on it. 
I would also like to thank others who have given me kudos, even tho they probably wont read this. But for me, the little thumbs up means a lot.

Continue to improve and compete against yourself. Most things are possible if you just want to.



Great story - also, love that you chose the same attire in the before/after picture!  Congrats on your success, and continued journey providing inspiration to others.

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Thank you for your comment CreakyCrank. Almost the same, just a SLIGHT difference in size 😉😅 . Thank you, will do my best 🙏🏼


Love this, "Most things are possible if you just want to." Keep up the inspiring journey!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Thank you for the comment Geode. 
I appreciate it.
And true, true, often it is ourselves who set limits on what we can or cannot do.