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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava: Getting the most out of your Garmin device on Strava

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Hello and welcome to Tuesday Chat with Team Strava! 

Let’s start with a little trip down memory lane.  Did you know, to use the original version of Strava way back in 2009, you had to have a Garmin device?  If you were using Strava then, you probably had a device that looked a lot like this:




Times have changed; Today, Strava supports uploading activity data from a huge number of devices and Apps, but Garmin devices are still popular with the Strava Community.  Let’s talk about a few cool Strava features Garmin users can take advantage of:






Strava Live Segments on Garmin:  Live Segments are one of my favorite Strava features.  They give you real-time feedback while you’re running or riding a particular segment, and compare your current time to your own PR, your closest Strava friend, or the current KOM, QOM or CR.  I like to compare my times to my PR - there’s nothing like seeing you’re only a couple seconds behind the fastest version of yourself to get those legs moving a bit faster.  Visit this link to learn how to set up live Strava segments on compatible Garmin devices.


Strava Routes on your Garmin Device:   If you use Strava Routes, you can sync them and use them on  your compatible Garmin device.  Instructions are here.

This feature is especially useful if you travel to a new area - use Strava’s suggested routes feature to find and save a route, then sync it to your Garmin device.  Here’s a recent example of when I did this:

I arrive in NYC and don’t know where to ride so I check Strava’s suggested routes on my phone:




I like the look of the Brooklyn Bridge route in the list, so I save it and star it in my Strava App:


Lastly, I open my Garmin App on my phone, turn on my Garmin device, and press the sync button.  Within seconds, the route shows up on my Garmin and I’m ready to ride!


Strava Beacon on your Garmin Device: You can use Strava Beacon while recording with your Garmin device to share your real time location with your family and friends.   Please refer to instructions for setting up Beacon with your Garmin device


Beacon is a great feature to use with any outdoor activity, but especially if you’re venturing out solo, it’s important to let others know your location.  Check out this post from a Strava Community Member who credits Strava Beacon with potentially saving his life!


Q:  Are these features available on all Garmin devices?  

A:  Not all Garmin devices support live Strava segments.  View the list of compatible devices.  

Any Garmin device that supports Courses can support Strava Routes.  Not sure if your device supports Courses?  Visit the Garmin Support site to find out.  

Any Garmin device that supports LiveTrack with autostart can is compatible with Strava Beacon.

Q:  By mistake I synced the wrong route to my Garmin device.  How do I remove it?

A:  You must delete the route from your Garmin device in order to remove it. Go to the “Courses” folder on your device, select the route, and then choose “delete”.  

Q:  I’ve followed the instructions and I’m still not getting Strava Live segments on my Garmin device?

A:  Strava live segments is a Subscription only feature.  Check to ensure you have an active Strava Subscription before using this feature.

Do you use these features and find them useful?  Do you have any tips or tricks you could share?  Drop us a reply below - we would love to hear from you!

Also feel free to post any additional questions you have about these features.  Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Tuesday Chat with Team Strava.

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Until recently, I never really used the navigation (routes) feature on my Garmin (powered by Strava)... but last weekend, I was looking to get a longer ride in, so created a route and saved it to my Edge 1040.  Not only did I get great turn by turn directions, but to my surprise, it also provided me with fantastic features for climbs (like number of climbs, which of those you are on, how long left to climb in distance, how much elevation remaining, and a profile view of the climb)

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 9.52.09 AM.png

This feature (for me) is amazing - I can use it to determine how much effort I want to put into a climb, at what point, for how long, and if I'll "blow up my legs" too early in a ride.