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Wisdom Wednesday - May 22nd 2024


Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday! Every other Wednesday we'll drop a question in the Community Hub. You then have 9 days (that's until the following Friday) to showcase your Strava knowledge and answer the question.

Question: I just finished a workout with a friend and noticed our activities were not grouped together. How can I fix this?

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Remember to submit your answer in the comments by May 31st. The winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers to win a free one-month Strava subscription! 🙌 

The lucky winner will be announced on June 5th.

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Kimberly22 (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Congratulations to, @Jana_Sthe winner of this round of Wisdom Wednesday!

To learn more about Commute activities, check out this support article:

Group Activities

Group Activities Privacy Control

Indoor Grouped Activities


Kimberly22 (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


When opening the activity details, scroll below the stats summary to see the Add Others button. Then you can select the athlete(s) who did the activity with you. However, unlike the automated feature - which may group also athletes who don't even know each other (and e.g. ran the same race), it's only possible to manually pick/add athletes who already follow you. 

A reverse process is also available - and may be handy e.g. when your activity was grouped with an activity of a random stranger who joined you for more than 50% of the route, but you prefer to ungroup the activity for privacy reasons. If there's already some activities of other people grouped with yours, then instead of the "Add Others" button, there's a button Manage Group - which will display the list of all matched athletes as well the option to Leave Group. That will remove you from the list but won't affect the rest of the group. 

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