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Fitbit Inspire HR won't sync heart rate data with Strava, Nike run Club

Mt. Kenya

I have been using a Fitbit Inspire HR and two running apps - Nike Run Club Strava app on my phone for a couple of years now. neither app will take in the Fitbit heart rate data.

I set up the Stava/Fitbit integration. if I start a run on Strava it will show up later on Fitbit. But it won't show the HR data.

I saw a suggestion that if you start the run on the Fitbit app, that will push the data to Stava. Not for me it won't. 😞

Any ideas?



Hello @pyrchz3 ,

Thanks for posting about this.

Fitbit devices cannot communicate directly to any other app besides the Fitbit app. Therefore, if you want Fitbit recorded heart rate data to show on your Strava activities, you will need to record your activities on the Fitbit App or the Fitbit device and sync them to Strava.

Follow this link to set up the Fitbit > Strava connection and look for full instructions here.

Let us know if that works for you.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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