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Status: Gathering Kudos

Currently the address privacy function works for the beginning and end of rides. Why not have it work for anywhere on a ride? I visit my Mom by bicycle and the ride goes up on Strava. I have added her address to the list of hidden addresses, but Strava does not hide the address because it is not the beginning or end of a ride. I could stop the ride when I arrive at my Mom's and then start a new ride when I leave, but I prefer to simply stop the timer, put my device to sleep, then start it up again when I ride home ... this way all my riding for a day is in one ride instead of multiple rides.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea on implementing ways to conceal a sensitive location in the middle of an activity. I'd like to point out that if one were able to add a hidden address at any point in the activity, it would effectively disclose the location on the map by highlighting the radius by means of a gap in the activity line itself. I'm certain we could brainstorm more efficient ways to tackle this issue, therefore I'm approving your idea and it's open to voting and further discussion.
We also recommend that in order to prevent sensitive locations from appearing on your activity map when it's not at the beginning or end of an activity, make sure you pause/resume your activity recording outside of the surrounding area or hide the map entirely.

For more information on all of our privacy controls, please visit our privacy center and take the time to ensure your selections in Strava represent your intended experience.


Hi Soren, 

Thanks for your response.  There would be a gap in the activity line, but the activity is not necessarily in a straight line. So if the activity is hidden for (example) between 0.3 and 1.6 km riding distance from the sensitive location, then somebody viewing the map would still have a large area to "guess" as to the sensitive location. As I understand it, this is already done for sensitive locations at the beginning or end of a ride. So why not just extend the same logic to a point on the ride?

Mt. Kenya

I would like to see an option to hide everything within a certain range of an address.  Currently, the privacy settings only allows you to hide the start and end near the specified address.  I often loop back to my house to restock water and fuel for my 20 to 30 mile runs.  This renders the privacy feature useless to me.  I have to hide all or nothing.  Surely I'm not the only one using my house an "aid station".

Mt. Kenya

Any 'fix' for the issue you presented regarding hiding a location's visibility, one thats not at a start or end point? I experienced a very similar issue, my home location. Forgot to pause the ride a ways away and resume it at that paused location when continuing the ride. Had to hide the entire map. Bummer!


Pausing and resuming an activity is not always a good solution because that has a side effect - of there is at least one pause in an activity that disables Strava's moving time detection. For that reason I strongly prefer to run my activities end to end without pauses.

Also, people may not even be aware that privacy zones only work in a beginning or an end of an activity. I was certain privacy zone would work everywhere because that seemed like the most logical solution. I was quite surprised when I realized that wasn't the case.