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My partner and I like taking our dog out for a run. As both of us are Strava users, we've decided to create a Strava profile for the dog to track its activity (so we don't overtrain the poor thing!). So now each time we run with it, we add it to our activity as "someone who didn't record". This way it's also kept off segment leaderboards. However, it is sort of tedious having to log out, log into dog's profile, etc, just to accept the activity invite. Would it be possible to have a special profile type e.g. "pet" or similar, which would allow its owners to freely add the pet's involvment to activities? Kinda like child profiles on Google, where the parents can have control over it if they so choose. Or this could also be implemented as sort-of shared equipment, with individually logged activities, i.e. one could filter the activities to those, where the dog was present, and it would show-up in the activity summary etc. Additionally this same dog could be "shared" among users so that e.g. my partner and I could both log activities with the same dog.

Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hey @philstrn ,

It looks like someone has already posted an idea similar to what you have. 
To avoid duplicate ideas within our features suggestions I'm going to archive this post, however I don't want your suggestion to go unnoticed.

I recommend commenting your feedback about Dogs/Pets in Strava within this suggestion.
With your both feedback statements, I'm sure they'll gain traction within the Community.

Thank you for understanding & thanks for posting!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

Nice idea.  My dog would join that

Mt. Kenya

I was looking for that option on internet ! 
hope it will come soon 

Mt. Kenya

I am all in support of this. I’d like to know when I bring my dog as it changes my pace. I also like the type of activity trackers too but the dog account is more fun. People create pet accounts for Instagram so why not Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

I support this idea by @philstrn.

@Bryant It is not the same idea as the 'Canicross' thread within this suggestion.

My wife and I also often run with our dog(s) and it would be a nice feature to be able to 'tag' the dog and be able to see the distance done weekly (as with an athlete profile). The idea of a 'child' account that can be shared by users is great.

This could be expanded to other types of pets/animals (e.g. horses ridden by equestrians). The idea being that the pet is a fellow athlete rather than 'gear'.

It would enhance the user experience and engagement and possibly open Strava up to more users and additional revenue streams - the pet industry is currently $320B per annum, projected to grow to $500B per annum by 2030.

Mt. Kenya

I also support this idea from @philstrn.  I've tried making an account for my dog, but like they said, it is very tedious to log in and out to accept the tag in each run. 

@Bryant , this is a different idea, like @Coops said. 

Please add this feature. We are able to track the mileage of all the different pairs of shoes we have. Maybe a feature similar to that. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please. I was hoping this would be an option. Would really like to use my normal apps for easy tracking of my dog's health and wellness - could be very helpful for a vet or if someone else needs to take over if I become inspectorate incapacitated. And just helpful for me as I'm wanting to be mindful of my dog's food amounts, activity level, weight, age, etc. More data, less guess-work.

I figure there are probably other instances of one person wanting to run two separate profiles from one device. Maybe a couple in which one appreciates the tracking but doesn't like to do the technology part.