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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be good to have maintenace informattion for your equipment integrated in Strava.

Perhaps more useful for biking, you could ad manually entries about, for example:

- When you changed tubeless liquid

- When you changed tha chain

- When you made fork maintenace

Crossing this data with activities data, you could get a "timeline" with all mainteninece operations you have done. So you can know hom many hours of use/kilometers/time since you made maintenance and you will know when you have to do again.

Aditional option could be to add alerts like "Made fork maintenance after 100 hours" "Change tubeless liquid after 6 months" "Replace chain after 2000 km" and Strava reminds it once time has fulfilled according to the data of activities. On the same way, you could know the time/kilometers left until you need to do new maintenance operations



Mt. Kenya

We need this service / maintenance feature!!!

This would be such an easy feature to implement. Service reminders - ie X number of miles for chain, brake pads, etc.

Please add this feature!!!


Hi. Please consider adding a feature to add bike service dates. This is so that there is a way to check the mileage since the last full bike service. Thanks!


I support more gear data as well.  Some good ideas in this thread, some seem more complex than others to implement.

Showing hours, maybe even vert in addition to mileage would be great.  I think mostly in terms of hours (mountain biking) so mileage is fairly irrelevant.  

I use a bit of a workaround in that when I do a major overhaul, mostly suspension service on my bikes I usually retire the bike and start it again with 2.0, 3.0 etc after the name.  Reset trip!  

Also, if folks plug in velo viewer, they show all the data I'm mentioning.
Mt. Kenya

Please add mileage alerts to all gear, not just shoes. I'd like to get an alert to re-wax my chain after 250 miles, just like my running shoes.

Mt. Kenya

Strava tracks mileage on your bike and to some degree the rigor of the ride.  This data can be used to suggest routine maintenance intervals,and if you enter your specific bike model info you can get very good preventive maintenance details that OEM’s could load like Trek and others.  Then the app can show suggested bike shops to perform the work and allow scheduling to occur.  

Mt. Kenya

Great that you're consolidating the suggestions, but when can we actually get this feature added???

There is a ton of support and interest in it on the platform - please implement service reminders - or at a minimum let us log when the last service was done and show mileage on the bike since that service.

Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Hi, today I was talking about this maintenance feature in the Strava software. Any user who likes to take care of their equipment would certainly see this functionality as a great differentiator and facilitator. Knowing when the inspections were carried out, component durability, upcoming maintenance and total cost, per km, per hour, would be very welcome these days! Simple and effective way to take care of the bike and the pocket! 


Mt. Kenya

Hi, any news on this?

Maybe someone already built an app using the Strava APIs to do this?

I was using the Annual Summary from Jonathan O. Keeffe but seems not working anymore.

Mt. Kenya

Please integrate maintenance option in Strava app. it will help us very much

Mt. Kenya

Hi, a bit of a late reply but the ProBikeGarage app might be what you're looking for. It syncs with Strava and you can even automatically match different gear with different types of rides (eg different wheels for commuting/riding).


Mt. Kenya

yes @matias- thanks!
Actually I've found another app (free) doing same as ProBikeGarage.

App I'm using is the HUBTIGER.

but still would be great (and suppose to be easy) to have these simple features on Strava it self.

Mt. Kenya

Is there any movement on this as a concept? Another upvote from me. My Yeti link needs greasing every 50 hours, and I’d like to know roughly when I’m getting close! 

Mt. Kenya

User could even store the link to the merchant that supplied the part last time (like tire or inner tube, etc).