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Athlete and Segment search are gone?



With the recent web UI update I can't find a way to search for an athlete or segment. These 2 features are gone forever or I can expect to have them back? I think they are essential to have and it is not nice to remove them without any communication.



They moved the athlete search, but it is still there.  You just have to click on the magnifying glass symbol near the top left side of the page.  It will pull up a search option pulldown menu to search for Athletes, Clubs, or Segments.  See the link below for details: 

Finding & Inviting Friends to Strava: Website – Strava Support

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Mt. Kenya

Exploring for a named route or athlete ? Where has this gone ?


But where has Segment Explore gone?

There is 'Segments' button/menu on the top of the new map ("Map" menu). You can use to show segments on this map with required filter.



This new function will not show all existing segement within that specific sport. The new function has some bugs respect to before.

Not getting any segments on any map view, I can only see routes? 

Even during a live ride there are no segments visible on my map. I’ve just updated the map on App Store. Still the same. Using iPhone 14. 

@Crone_t - When you click on the "maps" button in the app (second from the left on the bottom), you have to look toward the top of the map screen to see the button that days "Routes" with a little down arrow.  Click on the word "Routes" and it should cause a thing to pop up at the bottom of the screen where you can select between Routes and Segments.  Click on the segments radio button and you should start to see segments on the map.  Zoom in to see more of them.  Also use the buttons at the top to adjust the length, elevation and surface type for the segments to further narrow them down.

The pop-up with Routes/Segments is now working again! Must have been a bug. Before when I tapped Routes, nothing happened. 


Thanks to you and the others who just answered.    

@DerekJ - It is under the "maps" tab.  Once you open that, you have to click on the "segments" button across the top and also make sure you have the correct activity type selected on the left side of the screen.