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Elapsed Mile Tracker


Recently I was riding and every time I completed a mile, the elapsed time for the mile would pop up at the top of the screen.  However now I don’t see that anymore.  I love that feature and want to know how to enable it again. 



I use the iPhone Strava app.  It literally popped up at the top recently but now I don’t see it any more.


What type of device where you using to record the activity?  For example, with my Garmin Forerunner 735XT, I can set the "auto lap" option to a specific distance like 1 mile and it will give me the 1-mile splits as I am running or riding.  I'm sure most/many other garmin devices have that feature available and probably many other brands (I don't have specific experience with them though to know for sure).  


Here is an example of a hike I was on recently.  I finished a mile and a blue banner came up and reported that it took me just over 19 minutes to walk that mile.  However I haven't seen that on at least the last month of rides.  I would like to see that on all rides and hikes.  How do I whether it comes on or off?

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