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Mt. Kenya

You've started using 'their' when referring to your customers instead of 'he' or 'her'. Why not have a 'preferred pronoun' field on the profile page for those who want to choose something other than 'he' or 'her' and assume the rest of us are referred to as 'he' or 'her'.


Mt. Kenya

Totally agree with you bill_m. Has that issue been resolved? 


Hi @bill_m thanks for sharing your thoughts on pronouns. As a company, Strava is committed to being diverse, equitable and inclusive, in both our team as well as within the Strava experience. This extends to our usage of neutral pronouns whenever pronouns are needed in communications (and are kept to a minimum). We appreciate your suggestion of preferred pronouns and have raised this to our team for consideration. Thanks once again.

Hi Soren – Thanks for your response. 

I think it’s great that Strava aims to be diverse and equitable and inclusive.  However, in your zeal to subscribe to these ideals, you are neglecting that portion of your customer base that doesn’t agree with neutral pronouns.  Or doesn’t want to be referred to by a neutral pronoun.  For whatever reason.  It doesn’t mean that they hate those who prefer neutral pronouns, it just means that disagree with them.  If you were truly in favor of diversity, you would recognize and respect those customers who don’t agree with your way of thinking.  You wouldn’t force your view on everyone. 

The most respectful way to handle this is to assume everyone wants non-neutral pronouns, and provide a mechanism to those who do want neutral pronouns to inform you of that.  Please let me know your timeline for implementing that solution.


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