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Half marathon tips?

Hi, I’ve just started to take running seriously this year and I’m June I ran my first 10km in 1 hour 15 mins. That’s the longest I’ve ever run but I have now signed up for a half marathon for December. Does anyone have any tips at all for a beginner?...

Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - Share your 2023 Goals here!

Happy New Year and welcome back to Tuesday Chat with Team Strava. As we roll into 2023, the New Year is a time when many of us start to think ahead about what we want to accomplish this year, and how we’re going to get there.  Setting goals can be a ...

190414_Trailrun_0028_2.jpg weights.jpg 190414_Trailrun_0028_2.jpg
Jane by Moderator
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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - World Cup Fever

Growing up Canadian, I was not tuned into the world of professional soccer (football). By “not tuned in”, I mean I didn’t know it existed.  Like most Canadians, I lived and breathed the sport of ice hockey, or as we called it, hockey. In a land where...

hockey.jpg stadium.jpg postbody.jpeg cover.jpg
Jane by Moderator
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Including kilometers

I ride a Computrainer which requires calibration.  Every time that I ride the CT and upload to STRAVA the warm up and Calibration is not included in the total kilometers because the actual event has not started until 15 minutes of Calibration is comp...

Countdown to 2023 - Wrap Up & Winners! ‌🎆‌📣

  Hello Community Hub    This is it - 2022 is almost over and 2023 is rapidly knocking on our doors! From all of us in the Community Hub team: happy holidays!    The end of the year brings some exciting treats:  Right now you can save 25% on a subsc...

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Lola by Moderator
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🥁🥁🥁 COUNTDOWN TO 2023 ‌🌟‌

Hello Community Hub It's the 1st of December - aka that time of the year when we start the countdown to a New Year, we look back on the year behind us and all our achievements, and we start planning our next big moves in January! If you ask us, 2022...

Countdown to 2023 - final (2).png 2023Countdown.png
Lola by Moderator
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I am getting old and want to reset my PRs

Hi,Let's face the facts: I am getting older. This year has been a very tough year seeing me going thru a rough patch. So bad I had to hang up my bike for months not knowing when I'll be back on wheels, and even if I'd be able to do so. Anyways now I ...

Resolved! Download Strava routes/segments for turbo training

Hi,is it possible to download a Strava bone ride and re-ride it on my turbo. (WattBike Atom). thinking it could be good to train / familiarise for sportives… I’d love to download the rosedale chimney segment (Yorkshire climb in the UK) and ride/train...

AndyB by Mt. Kenya
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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - Dogs of Strava

Hello and Welcome to Tuesday Chat with Team Strava! In our previous chats, you've met some of our Team Members who work behind the scenes to keep Strava ticking. Today we'll introduce you to some of the four legged friends who work to help keep our ...

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Jane by Moderator
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