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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - World Cup Fever

Growing up Canadian, I was not tuned into the world of professional soccer (football). By “not tuned in”, I mean I didn’t know it existed.  Like most Canadians, I lived and breathed the sport of ice hockey, or as we called it, hockey. In a land where...

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Jane by Moderator
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Including kilometers

I ride a Computrainer which requires calibration.  Every time that I ride the CT and upload to STRAVA the warm up and Calibration is not included in the total kilometers because the actual event has not started until 15 minutes of Calibration is comp...

Countdown to 2023 - Wrap Up & Winners! ‌🎆‌📣

  Hello Community Hub    This is it - 2022 is almost over and 2023 is rapidly knocking on our doors! From all of us in the Community Hub team: happy holidays!    The end of the year brings some exciting treats:  Right now you can save 25% on a subsc...

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Lola by Moderator
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🥁🥁🥁 COUNTDOWN TO 2023 ‌🌟‌

Hello Community Hub It's the 1st of December - aka that time of the year when we start the countdown to a New Year, we look back on the year behind us and all our achievements, and we start planning our next big moves in January! If you ask us, 2022...

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Lola by Moderator
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Community discovery

I may be missing some existing features but I'm curious to learn if there is a way to meet like-minded individual's that are nearby to me (i.e. in my city). I travel a lot (digital nomad) and have found great joy in being part of some running clubs f...

rob by Mt. Kenya
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Countdown to 2023 - Week 2! 🎉📣

Hello Community Hub      Wow, we are already in the second week of December and marching towards the half mark - what a busy week in the Community Hub with all the talks about comfort and discomfort, introductions of new members, and some chats arou...

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Lola by Moderator
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Recovery Motivation - How do you get there?

I have a feeling that I'm not alone here, but maybe some of you all have ideas on how to improve in this area.  I have a hard time taking a day off, or even having a recovery day.  I know that I should do more recovery and rest days, I know that I sh...

Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - Spotlight on Jesse

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Chat with Team Strava!  Our “Spotlight On” series aims to shine the light on our teammates who work behind the scenes within Strava. They are casual conversations that touch upon passions, hobbies, ...

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Jane by Moderator
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Looking to connect with cyclist via Indoor workouts

Hello, I currently have an indoor trainer, but it gets quite boring. I am looking to voice chat with people during rides to keep each other motivated. I have tried zwift and I really like the platform, but I found many of the voice chatrooms empty.  ...