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Tour de France Fever - starts now

The 2024 Tour de France begins Saturday, June 29th in Italy, and I am excited!  I've been watching the TdF on television every July for a long time. Every year I'm thrilled all over again watching these world class cyclists climb huge mountains and ...

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Jane by Moderator
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Resolved! How to flag activities if someone block me

hello, i notice in one segment that been using motorbike to get the KOMs, but the athletes block me and set as private account so i can't flag his activities and only his mutual can see it. Any idea how to flag those activities? He's been cheating fo...

Resolved! Human error

Hi I clicked on the plain just run button instead of the half marathon training plan. Can I transfer the info over to the training plan please?

Resolved! Challenge not recognising my run

Hi folks, I ran a 5K this morning but the 'September 5K x Brooks' challenge isn't updated to show I have ran. Does it take a while to update or is there something I am missing? 

Johno by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Request to take a survey from strava

 Hi everyone, today I got an email request to participate in a survey from Naomi I lead the Product Research team at Strava containing an attachment and a url to click on. Did anyone else get this and can confirm if it's legit. I would participate as...

Wisdom Wednesday - September 13, 2023

Question: I recorded an activity on my device and the numbers are different after posting to Strava - Why? We’ve all been there where we have finished up an amazing ride or run recorded on our device and when it is posted to Strava, the numbers are d...

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Resolved! Download Strava routes/segments for turbo training

Hi,is it possible to download a Strava bone ride and re-ride it on my turbo. (WattBike Atom). thinking it could be good to train / familiarise for sportives… I’d love to download the rosedale chimney segment (Yorkshire climb in the UK) and ride/train...

AndyB by Mt. Kenya
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openstreet Map

I notice that Strava makes use of Openstreet Maps. Does anyone know if they donate to them?