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Camp Strava 2024: New Features Revealed!

Hey Hub Members!! Have you heard of Camp Strava? Camp Strava is an annual event gathering incredible athletes, explorers, community builders, event organizers and world-class brands that drive movement across the globe. New product features are annou...

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Scout by Moderator
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Welcome to the Community - May 2024 Edition

Happy May and thanks for stopping by! Our Community Hub continues to thrive thanks to each and everyone of you. If you’re new here, please take a look around; there’s a lot to take in. Not sure where to start? Check out this post.  May brings us a nu...

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Hey Strava athletes, let's get to know each other! (September)

Hello! Thanks for visiting the Strava Community Hub.  I'm Jane and here's a few things about me: I'm originally from Canada (Alberta) but I've been a  U.S. resident for a while and have lived in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.I've ...

Jane by Moderator
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Park rangers tracking Strava?

A friend of mine received a ticket from the town for riding a small section of trail that is apparently off limits to bikes. He rode very early in the morning and encountered no one. When he called the town to ask why he was ticketed they told him th...

Abushpig by Mt. Kenya
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Never have I ever...

Tried (fill in the blank) sport! What's a sport you've always wanted to try?  Risk is my middle name, I'm a big adrenaline junkie and am constantly on the lookout for a greater challenge. Most people don't like trying new things because they hate bei...

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Soren by Denali
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Resolved! Enduro e-bike

Are there boards on Strava to post if anyone is interested in renting out an enduro e-bike? I have 2, (medium frames) YTs available. Perhaps you've wanted to try one out before purchase of are traveling and want to get a ride in. 

LeahB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Women's Euro 2022 - wow!

That was a nail biter of a game between England and Germany yesterday, so exciting to watch!  Kudos to England for winning it!  I'm sure big parties continue today.   I did feel sorry for the German side - the look of disappointment, but somebody has...

Resolved! Traveling overseas.

I live in NZ and will be in Brisbane/Gold Coast for a week. Do I have to do anything to my account so that my Fenix6X Pro and Strava will "talk" with each other! Or does it just stay the same?

N1Chef by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Still some bugs for local legend

Hello,updates for local lengend are not made automaticaly. by going to the segment page, the update is made, so it's better than at the start of the problem a few weeks ago.but the update is not made in one case : when nobody is local legend before i...

no by Mt. Kenya
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August member high fives!

Welcome to our August new members who are powering up those peaks on our rank ladder with some great contributions throughout the community. If you received a great answer from them or enjoyed participating in a discussion they started please remembe...

LouB by Strava Alumni
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Welcome to our rising stars for August!

Hey August Community Members!Thank you for joining the community this month. We can see you are already having great conversations, voting on ideas and exchanging kudos with other members. Thanks for getting involved. This means you’re already making...

LouB by Strava Alumni
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Hey Strava Community Hub members, come introduce yourself! (August)

The Strava Community Hub is a collaborative space where we can all come together as athletes to share what motivates us to reach our goals. We are all about building connection and understanding each other better as well as how Strava is helping us w...

LouB by Strava Alumni
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