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Long time listener, first time caller!

Pico de Orizaba

My name is Nick, a long time Strava-er here to finally say hello!

I remember a time before Strava, and I remember the period of time when I resisted using Strava, preferring to stick to manually writing down my daily ride statistics in a notebook and manually (well, with my TI-89 calculator, at least) calculating monthly and annual totals at the end of each respective time period. I remember when I finally gave in and made an Instagram account because, at the time, posting a picture to Instagram while actually in the middle of an activity was the only way to get a picture posted to your activity on Strava. After all this time and all of the iterations of Strava, I can truly say that I enjoy it. It has definitely had some hiccups, and I have had to personally take some mental health breaks from it, but for the most part, I believe Strava to be a great tool.

After all these years, I have decided to stop thinking of all of the ideas I have that could improve my experience on the site and app and actually put them somewhere. Of course, it looks like everyone else has beat me to it - but I can at least kudos the ones that I wanted to bring up myself.

I'll see you at the top!



Hello Nick 👋
Based on the details you recounted (Instagram photos!), you certainly have been around for a long time. We're thrilled to have you join the community, your long-term knowledge and experience are greatly valued here and we look forward to hearing more from you! 

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