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API: DetailedSegmentEffort id does not match website segment effort id

Mt. Kenya


GET `activity` from the API includes `segment_efforts` array containing incorrect id values. They are all missing at least the last two digits.

I just started using this recently, and it seems like this is something people would have noticed already. Is it a new change?


url of segment effort on{activityId}/segments/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX336

what gets returned in API response:

{..., segment_efforts: [{id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX300, ... }], ... }

note the last three digits in the URL: "336", and in the API response: "300"

This is for an identical segment effort, and can be repeated for every segment effort I tested

Calling API for GET segment_effort with id XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX300 returns 404!


also calling GET segment_effort API with the correct id returns a result with the incorrect id.


DetailedSegmentEffort id says type is `long`

Maybe this type does not have enough capacity to represent the full id as a number. Maybe it should return a string?

Found while using JavaScript API


Mt. Kenya

Poked around some more, and it's definitely a JS issue. For anyone else hitting this limitation, you can try using the json-bigint npm package hooked into axios.


That's not a problem with the Strava API, but with the JavaScript API you use. It seems to have problems with BigIntegers.

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