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Resolved! Updating Strava Post with Additional Activity Data

I use a Concept 2 rower and a Garmin Vivoactive 4 to record my rowing activities. The watch doesn't record distance. When the rowing activity is complete, it is recorded on Garmin Connect and pushed to Strava. Using the data on the Concept PM3, I mod...

Resolved! Zone 2 Beginner and Device Options (Google only)

Hey all. I've been looking at getting into zone 2 training. However, I've seen many videos saying that smartwatches are no good at tracking HR accurately. It appears that Strava on WearOS doesn't support external HR monitors (I don't understand why.....

Resolved! Strava data not showing in pc browser version

Hello, my data is not showing in pc browser version of Strava. I've searched the problem and saw that many other people have had the same issue and I tried some of the suggested fixes such as clearing cookies. However I have not been able to resolve ...

Raz65p by Shkhara
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Resolved! segments

Has anyone experienced the Segments not appearing after an activity.My last 2 runs show 0 segments - routes i have done before.have tried looking into reasons why - but nothing seems to work 

Resolved! Syncing with my Samsung galaxy watch 5 stopped working

I am loged in to the same google-account on the watch and my phone, yet the activities that I record with the preinstalled activity tracker don't get synced anymore. The watch is not even showing up under connected devices in the phone app.I have tri...

Lando by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Apple Watch SE splits wrong when imported to Strava

Hello, I have been having issues with the splits on my activities when uploaded to Strava. The splits are accurate in the apple fitness app, but when I upload the workout to Strava, it completely messes them up. I have had 7:30 miles in the fitness a...

Caseysa by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strautomator tool

A bit biased, but...  All the features I wish Strava had built-in, but I know it won't (as most are quite "niche"). So I decided to develop them. Automations to change the activity metadata, custom weather details, auto activ...

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