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Looking back at my power curve I see there is a ride I did where it logged a 1 second power of 1417W which is way off, around 1100 would be my highest. I would be great if I could mute the power date from this one particular workout so it isn’t applied to my power curve. I’d like to keep all other data as it is relevant, distance, speed, HR, ETC. But in the event that data is whacked it would be nice to go back in and mute that specific data. I could see the application being needed a lot more in HR files. But it would be very useful when compiling data as a whole. Thank you for the consideration. And in perhaps there is already a way to do this any I haven’t seen it sorry, and please inform me how. 


I second that idea. These power spikes usually happens on a bumpy road when the force of the bump adds to the force of the leg. An option to remove the power data from such an activity would be nice.

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