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Status: Gathering Kudos

I know we can currently 'add others' to an activity, and I also know that we 'group' with others - but it would be great if we could tag others in photos we upload.  There has been at least one occasion (while on a run), where I ran into somebody I know - we snapped a selfie (if there is more than one person in a photo, is it still a 'selfie'?), then continued on our way... we didn't group together in the activity, but would be great to be able to tag in the photo as a way to link our runs.  

Perhaps after photo upload, you could click photo and 'tag others'.  I think from a 'privacy' standpoint, we could have a setting in our account to 'allow others to tag you', so that you can prevent unwanted tagging (if a Strava Athlete then did try to tag you, they would get a message saying "This Athlete has elected not to allow tagging" or something similar).

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Mt. Kenya

The only options currently available when viewing a photo in-App are:

A. Kudos

B. Report

Sometimes people want the option to say something about a photo, specific to the photo (or video) that's been added to an activity. Considering this is an option on virtually every other social media app on Earth, especially paid ones, this should absolutely be an option within the Strava app.