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Maps offline


Hey folks, I can no longer access my routes from my mobile devices… I get an error message that I’m offline and IM NOT!  anyone else seen this?  All the map graphics have urned off too




Moderator Moderator

Hi @PaulJH792 

Sorry to hear that's an ongoing problem.  I'm going to escalate this post to our Support Team so someone can work directly with you to troubleshoot.  Please sit tight and you will be hearing from someone soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who suggested deleting and reloading the app. I was holding that as a last resort but finally did it. I was pleasantly surprised BOTH that it solved the issue AND that when I reopened the reinstalled app, everything was there as if nothing happened. Working great now. 


Mt. Kenya

I am also having this problem


I have discovered a "single-use" work-around for this problem (definitely not a solution). From the online version of Strava, I copied the link to my route on my laptop and pasted it into a text to myself. I could open the route in the app on my phone, download it for offline use (or start it), and see all of the route details. However, it would not "save" the route when I closed it, even though I downloaded it (I needed to open the route from the text again). So, as long as the route is opened from the text and remains open, it functions normally. 

I hope that helps some of you for now as well, and I hope for a resolution to the actual problem 🙂

Thanks for the response I will remember that for the future ad it appears to be working on my ipad  now


This problem began for me a few days ago. Has there been any progress on a solution? Thanks.

Mt. Kenya

I'm having the same issue. The saved routes view is telling me I'm offline, but I am online.

Nevermind, it seems to be working now

Same with me. Must have been a glitch. Thank goodness it’s back!

Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem - get this screen Even though im not offline


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