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Unwanted pictures in my Strava feed


Suddenly I'm getting lots of pictures in my feed from people I do not follow. Seems to be coming from clubs I am a member of. Almost exclusively pictures of bikes. Some days so many that it feels like real spam. Is there a way to filter these out or is quitting the clubs my only options?


Moderator Moderator

Hello All:

Apologies for any confusion over this recent change.

Club posts made by club members will now appear in the Home feed for all club members.

As a couple of you have already mentioned, If you do not want to see posts from a specific club in your feed, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Strava mobile app.
2. Locate a post from the relevant club in your Home feed and tap the three-dot icon.
3. Select the option to “Mute Posts From Club Members”.

You may need to pull down on your feed to refresh it before the posts are hidden. Be aware that you will still see posts from the club admins in your feed.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

Same Issue.  This is ruining the Strava experience for all members.  Stop!  Are you you trying to get people to leave Strava??

Mt. Kenya

Hello, I am also getting all these photos as from yesterday 2nd June. Is there a way to disable them to be shown in my feed? I still want to be part of the club but not see them. It feels like using Facebook at this point.

Mt. Kenya

I’ve just starting experiencing this experiment… as tech developers why wouldn’t you pilot a major change like this to a small group of users and seek feedback. I’ve had to leave a lot of groups I follow and still can’t sort through the rubbish to see my friends and families activities. 

Reading these posts I can see that it was tested and disabled back in March and April so why is only popping up for me now? Has the experiment started again?

The subscription price is hiked up and now the app is pushing, essentially spam through our feeds… not a great user experience. 

Mt. Kenya

I'm subsided to a lot of clubs and this has destroyed my feed. It's not turned off or disabled, as suggested in the thread. I can find activities of people I know because they've been buried by this random rubbish. 

I know you want more money from your advertisers, but forcing this on people is just wrong. You could at least just put some form of ad like content in, rather than club feed spam.

Telling people to leave the club is a terrible solution. 

Moderator Moderator


Thanks to all of your for your follow up comments and feedback.  The experiment has been turned off as we consider the best way to surface club content in the feed.  

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Is there a way to just leave all clubs? I cannot be bothered to go through them all to amend, I would rather just leave them all.

Have unfollowed most of the clubs as I am seeing all of these idiotic posts of people I don't know. Prefer a clean feed of actual friends and their workout.

Why am I getting a feed full of random people from clubs still?

Still receiving this trash from club members on my time line! Strava… think please think, what a crap am I receiving all the time! You say you stopped the “experiment”… well it’s still going on as of today! What a crap Strava, what is this doing for you? Money money money…. Yeah money money money? Please stop this bull **bleep**!!!!

Is this some sort of a childish joke or what's going on? My feed is flooded with those idiotic bike pictures and selfies again!