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New to Strava? Welcome! Our mission is to help people live their best active life.

Our Getting Started with Strava series is designed to help you get the most of Strava. In this article, we'll talk about achievements. 

Competing with others on Strava through achievements can be a fun and motivating experience. If you prefer focusing solely on your own progress, achievements can also be utilized for personal goals.

When you upload an activity with GPS data to Strava as a subscriber, you may be awarded “achievements” for outstanding performances. They include KOMs/QOMs/CRs, Overall Top 10 Leaderboard Placement, Personal Top 3 Placement, and Local Legend.

Crown.jpegCrowns are awarded to the fastest athlete to date on a segment’s overall leaderboard.Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 1.29.13 PM.png

Trophy.jpegA trophy is awarded when you place near the top of an overall segment leaderboard. Trophies exist for 2nd place to 10th place all-time efforts. 


Medal.jpegMedals are awarded for your best personal performances on a segment. If you clock a new personal record on a segment, you'll receive a "PR" medal. Likewise, for your second and third fastest times. 



The laurel crown indicates that you are the Local Legend of a segment. To earn the Local Legend achievement, you must match to the segment more times than any other athlete in the past 90 days.

Common FAQ's:
Sometimes you may run into an situation where you're expecting to see an achievement but it doesn't appear. Check out our frequently asked questions below:

  1. Is it the first time you've completed the segment?
    ️ You will not receive personal segment achievements on your first time completing a segment, but you are eligible to receive all time (top 10 leaderboard) achievements. Personal segment achievements become available only after completing the segment a second time.

  2. Are the Activity's privacy controls set to "Everyone"?
    ️ Activities will only receive all-time (top 10 leaderboard) achievements if the activity's privacy controls are set to "Everyone". This includes Private segments as well. More information regarding Activity Privacy can be found here. If you prefer to keep your activity privacy control set to "followers" or "only me", you can still earn medals for your personal records."

  3. Does the segment start/end in an area that's hidden by your Map Visibility Settings?
    ️ Activities will only receive all-time (top 10 leaderboard) achievements if the activity's map visibility settings are not hiding the start/end of the segment. More information regarding Map Visibility can be found here.

  4. Is the Segment hidden?
    ️ "Unhide" that segment if it's a cycling segment and star the segment if it's running a segment. Refresh Activity Achievements using the button located in the actions menu (3 dots icon).

  5. None of the above?
    ️ Refresh Activity Achievements using the button located in the actions menu (3 dots icon).


Additional Resources:
Looking for information about your Best Efforts over benchmark distances?  Visit this link for more information 

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Have any Questions? Feel free to drop us a reply to this post.  

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Mt. Kenya

Is there a way to reset all achievement stats? I want to start over fresh with no achievement stats, without deleting all the records...