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Clubs endpoint documentation update


Can you please update the clubs documentation at The data returned does not match the docs and there is some limit to the pagination effecting the number of activities that can be returned. Many users ran into both these issues and posted on the old Google groups.

Hopefully when you document these it will become clear this endpoint needs to be improved as it's currently of very limited use.


I similarly often find discrepancies with the documentation.

Where is the start datetime you're talking about?

I also have the same question with you. I think there is no start date time in API documentation for Club Activity

Right - however the response you get is not actually a SummaryActivity and rather a reduced version without starttime or id etc. as given in the docs

[ {
  "resource_state" : 2,
  "athlete" : {
    "resource_state" : 2,
    "firstname" : "Peter",
    "lastname" : "S."
  "name" : "World Championship",
  "distance" : 2641.7,
  "moving_time" : 577,
  "elapsed_time" : 635,
  "total_elevation_gain" : 8.8,
  "type" : "Ride",
  "sport_type" : "MountainBikeRide",
  "workout_type" : null
} ]



Thanks @rorhug for checking. I wrongly assumed @Elliott and his team actually did what was claimed and things matched now. When will I learn.

So there you have it @Elliott it still doesn't match. please get your team to have another crack at it.

The example response on the right side matches and instead it's just the response type "SummaryActivity" which is wrong because "SummaryActivity" has a lot more detail.