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Status: Gathering Kudos

As discussed at, exercising in the heat is often best done with a heartrate monitor to adjust for said heat. Strava currently has a way to connect a heartrate monitor, and it has audio cues for running.

Can you add a way, for ALL activities, to have an audio cue for the current, or moving average, heartrate at a periodic distance (e.g. every half mile or mile) or time (e.g. every minute or five minutes)? This would allow me to more easily ensure I'm adjusting my pace, whether running, biking, or whatever, to not overdo exercise in the heat.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya

For making training by heartrate easier with the apple watch, pls add a audio note for the heart rate in the apple watch strava settings.

for instance: if the heart rate > user specific threshold , then u will get a audio note.

Mt. Kenya

I also ask for audio cues for heart rate each minute, or as specified by user, such as RunnerUp, etc.. Furthermore, there could also exist alternatives, such as:

a) -an audio cue alert when the heart rate exceeds the desired heart rate zone.

b) -an audio cue alert when the heart rate increases rapidly, (ex. starting running uphill in a trail run).


Mt. Kenya

I'd love this too, other apps I've used in the past could tell me this as part of the distance audio cue

Mt. Kenya

Please add this to Strava!

I'm not an apple or Garmin guy.. but I'd like to see these essential for all modern vo2 low heart zones trainings etc. settings in this great app!