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Mt. Kenya

in my opinion it makes no sense to assign the ranking for those who use an e-bike, e-mtb or other electric bikes (I have an e-mtb). The performance is not 100% of the athlete ...



@Hurdistheword You can't compete against yourself because some people don't use the ebike sport type? And your last sentence needs some explanation too.

Yes, I can still compete against myself. However, I can no longer rely on competing against other riders on certain segments because so many are using e-bikes and their times are so fast. Those of us who still ride analog cannot compete with e-bikes which removes one of the great joys of using this tool.

As someone in tech, I’m not going to explain how rider data could be leveraged to identify when someone is riding an e-bike. Strava’s engineers should already know this and previous comments reflect the same sentiment.

In the area I am at, it is actually pretty rare for an e-bike rider to post their ride in the wrong activity type.  Most have it figured out.  Those that don't get called out pretty quickly and their rides get flagged.  If you see ones that are obviously an e-bike, flag them.  It may take a little while to "catch up" and get the bulk of them off the top of the leaderboards, but it does work.  Sometimes it just takes a couple flags or a comment on a ride to get people to start using the correct activity type.  I agree that it would be nice if Strava had a way to automatically detect them, but they don't right now so I work with what I do have.  

I live in a tourist mountain town that has e-bike tours and rentals everywhere. First world problems but it’s an ongoing battle to flag.  Maybe one day we’ll have a solution! 


It’s been awhile since Strava added the EBike category for users to flag their ride. Now it’s clear very few people are using this.

One of the reasons I liked this app is the because it lets me compete against myself and others. This has all gone out the window. Strava you can do better! There are other stats you can use to flag reviews to the users.

How do you flag them?

@nanbikes - You have to use the web browser version of Strava (the app does not have the feature).  Open the activity in question.  Click on the three dots on the left and select "flag".  Select the option that best describes why you are flagging it, enter a brief explanation of why you are flagging it, then hit the "flag" button on the bottom left.  Actually pretty easy to do, just sounds complicated when it is written out like I just did.

Mt. Kenya

It is scandalous that Strava did not make a separate category for E-Bikes, even a simple algorithm is able today to understand what is normal and what is not. If Zwift can make it, Strava can, too. And obviously, any regular cyclist checking his time on climbs on a tour is able to see who did the same on an E-Bike. I will not take a new subscription to Strava as long as they do not create such a category for E-Bikes, they can send me thousands of special offers, I won't because I wanna know my ranking in fair conditions. And the cyclists adding their trips on E-Bikes on Strava should ask the app to create that category for them as well because they are looking for smthg else than the cyclists on muscular bikes, for most of them at least.

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