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Resolved! [Resolved] Peloton not syncing to Strava

Hello. I completed 2 Peloton workouts tonight and neither of them will sync to Strava. They usually sync automatically, but even after trying to manually share to Strava, the activities still do not appear. I saw a previous issue posted on here that ...

maelwen by Shkhara
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Resolved! Google Pixel Watch 2 - Issue with data saved.

It is a recurring issue since using the Google Pixel Watch 2 during runs.  After a couple of minutes (15/20), data stops being saved in my activity.  During my run, everything seems fine and data is correctly displayed on the watch (Heart rate, pace,...


Resolved! Double upload stryd issue

Hi,I went to sync my stryd with my strava account, which is also paid with my watch.  Its now doubled all the workouts.Is it possible to revert back to a previous data point.  The duplicates are for the whole year and are subtlety different that they...

Ashley by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Change the Watch Face

I have a Galaxy Watch, SM-R800, and recently downloaded the Strava app. I've completed a few runs using the app and like it as it downloads to my phone so I can see the data.However, when I'm running I have trouble seeing the distance. I appears in t...

Resolved! Issues uploading ride

Hi I am still having issues with my rides uploading .I have  a Garmin edge 830 and until 2 weeks ago was working great , complete ride - save - then it automatically uploaded to Strava .then it stopped . I followed advice and deleted Garmin connect t...

JK83881 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Incorrect Android KM , GPS , time etc.....

Sems lately if I use my Samsung S21 to log my rides or walks that it cuts corners and just draws straight lines. This in turn cuts my routes km's and times etc. Plus it looks like I've walked in a perfectly straight line in many places In the past I...

Panel by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! SuuntoApp & Live Segments

When Strava will launch Live Segments on Suunto's latest devices? At the Suunto's website there is mention:SuuntoPlus™ Store in Suunto app has all the new sports apps and guides for your watch available for you for free. You can find new devices that...

Jananas by Mt. Kenya
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