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Resolved! Incorrect power meter data

I have a 4iiii power meter, and i have discovered that there is a discrepancy between the average power i displayed in Garmin Connect and Strava. On my last ride Garmin claimed 223W, while Strava claimed 167W (Not too big numbers... hehe). That 56W i...

Resolved! End of activity cut-off when syncing

Hi,I hope I've put this in the right place.I've been using Strava for several years, but earlier this year got the Pixel Watch to make my tracking more accurate, to give heart rate etc.  I use the Strava App on the watch and use it for both running a...

Run time cut short

My elapsed time is being shown as shorter than the combination of my splits.  The combination of the splits would be the correct time and agree to my Apple Watch.  The end of the run appears to be cut off.   I’m running the latest version of the app....

IMG_0947.png IMG_0948.png
Hgornall by Mt. Kenya
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Strava & Apple Watch Splits not the same

Anyone know what has caused this issue?Splits on Strava are all over the place, while the summary in Strava is correct. This was on a treadmill with the Apple Watch directly synced to the treadmill. Strava added 1.1km in the splits compared to the Ap...

IMG_6023.png IMG_6022.png

Resolved! Screen Customization on Watch5

Hello! I've just bought a Samsung Watch 5 and I'm stuck while using Strava App. There is a way to customize the screen fields? I would like to have 2 screens, one with heart and distance and another one with pace and time. I found a tip in another fo...

lnunes by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Restricting what rides are pushed to Wahoo CPU

I would like to keep a library of rides and only have a select few pushed to my Wahoo App (and onto my computer). After testing this, it displays both saved routes and stared routes. Realizing this may be a Wahoo question, any other suggestions to tr...

RDHou by Mt. Kenya
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