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Resolved! Huawei distance sync error

I have a Huawei GT Runner watch (which is great by the way) it syncs to Strava but Strava seems to end up showing a different (usually very slightly shorter) distance, which then throws the pace stats etc.. Why is this? Does Strava recalculate the GP...

Resolved! My apple watch does not have the swim logo

Hi,I have added the stava app to my Apple watch but for some reason, it does not show the swim logo when I want to use it for a swim. It has outdoor run, outdoor bike, outdoor walk indoor of each of those three, hike, nordic ski, and workout. how can...

Resolved! Average wattage to high

Hi. on a slow lap my average wattage is much too high. how is this possible? i entered my weight 88kg and ftp 330 on zwift. i don't have power meters on my bike and i use a garmin explore hope someone can help me    


Resolved! Virtual Rides displaying as real rides instead

I tried Apple TV (recently I got aware that I no more need to take a macbook to the TV, dropping sweat on it, if I switch to an Apple TV device and I immediately bought one) and found two cases where my virtual rides became physical rides in Strava:1...

Resolved! Live segments Samsung Watch5

Hi all, will Strava add live segments to the Samsung Watch5?. I can't seem to enable this anywhere.  I know Garmin watches support this but it's not on Samsung watches as of yet.

Gaz69 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Running Strava Activity blocks dynamic island

Dear Strava cummunity,I have the problem, that a running strava activity "blocks" my dynamic island. Normally you can swipe to the right to remove it. That works with all other apps, but not with strava. The compass arrow reappears immediately, so it...

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-11 um 08.27.12.png
sunmils by Mt. Kenya
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