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Resolved! Activity Map

I think it would be neat to see activities populate on the map. Let me explain…Someone posts an activity (anyone, not just someone you follow) and it shows up on the map where the activity occurred with their profile photo. You could filter the map b...

corn24 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava iOS App Activities Not Showing Images

Seeing a really odd issue over the last few days. All activities in my feed - including my own - are not displaying any images (map, photos) other than video. Everything is fine when I logon via a browser. I have tried logging out and back in again, ...

Resolved! Pace

Why is Pace no longer being shown on the main screen? There is spare space to do this under Moving Time.Elevation is shown and frankly no one I know is interested in that, we just want to see if our pace is improving. Why did you stop showing this re...

AvoKardo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Can’t comment

 For some reason I haven’t been able to comment for the past 24 hours on activities. A message reads, “rate limit exceeded”. It is working again now. Thank you, Strava. 

Liv by Shkhara
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Why Do Posts Keep Filtering To the Top of My Feed?

First off, I have my feed order set to chronological. What I'm noticing is that posts completely ignore this setting and repeatedly filter up to the top of my feed.Note that I'm not talking about run/bike/swim/etc activities. I'm talking about posts,...

mike by Shkhara
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Resolved! Home Feed Limit

Is the home feed/dashboard now limited to 50 activities before it says "No more recent activity available"? 50 activities is rather low limit. It seems to keep getting lower and lower. What will the next limit be? 25 activities?

inSyt by Shkhara
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Resolved! Like myself

Hi!! I love checking out my status and updates and go to give myself a thumbs up and it won’t allow me to. I love giving  myself kudos and wish that was an option!  

CarolB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Side by Side Comparison missing Virtual rides?

I Zwift a lot, even during warmer months. I like the controlled environment and training aspect of it all. I noticed when viewing another athlete in Strava, the "Side by Side Comparison" does not reflect this (very real and full of blood, sweat, and ...

zbatman by Mt. Kenya
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