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Resolved! Entering a new age group

I'm now a 55 year old runner. All my previous runs were in the category lower. So all my runs are no longer showing up in the 50-55 category (as I'm no longer in that age bracket)Only my current runs show up ....what about all the others when I was y...

Total Time for the Day at a Glance?

I just signed up for the premium plan. I do indoor cycling which I do on and off throughout the day, 10 minutes here, 25 there, etc. Is there a way at a glance to see my total time for the day? Thanks!

David7 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Route not shown on Heatmap

Hello all, On of my rides are not shown on the Heatmap, even though the activity has been recorded:  Anyone else who have met this problem or is there some kind of box I have ticked, that makes this ride i...

Thorkild by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to remove/mute "motivational" messages from Strava

Since a few weeks ago Strava is at it again with pushing "features" down your throat. Now among the notifications for an activity I have to read Strava's stupid "motivational" messages (you're doing great, keep at it, da da da). Anyone can help me ge...

pssaenz by Shkhara
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Heatmaps - date filter

Would it be possible to introduce a time filter to heatmaps so that trails that fall out of favour fade out?I live in an area surrounded by forests and use the heatmap facility extensively to find new routes to run / cycle off the main fire trails. H...

Resolved! HR data not showing

Using a Wahoo Tickr...the HR works fine but the transfer from Zwift to Strava strips the HR (but it still transfers to Garmin connect ok).  Any ideas on why HR won't show for trainer rides on strava?  Outdoor rides are no issue