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Resolved! Ebike not included in goal

I ride MTB, E-MTB, road and trainer and the e-bike rides don't get included in my goals.Just had a look at goal setting area and all Strava need to do is include is E-Bike and E-Mountain Bike Ride in All Ride and problem solved.

Hewie by Shkhara
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Resolved! Can’t comment

 For some reason I haven’t been able to comment for the past 24 hours on activities. A message reads, “rate limit exceeded”. It is working again now. Thank you, Strava. 

Liv by Shkhara
  • 11 replies
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Resolved! File Upload - Rate limited

I'm trying to use file upload on the Upload and Sync Your Activities page. I have 400 activities to upload from TCX files, limited to 15 files at a time by the page. I can upload 30 files in 2 batches, and then I get an error: You've exceeded the max...

nekno by Shkhara
  • 38 replies
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Resolved! Ads vs. Subscriptions

Hi Strava Team,Why not offer users a choice between a free version (with ads) vs. a paid subscription (no ads) like Spotify/YouTube?I want to share this in order to start a conversation and see what the community and Strava think. This is coming from...

Shant by Mount Logan
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