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Resolved! Ads vs. Subscriptions

Hi Strava Team,Why not offer users a choice between a free version (with ads) vs. a paid subscription (no ads) like Spotify/YouTube?I want to share this in order to start a conversation and see what the community and Strava think. This is coming from...

Shant by Mount Logan
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Resolved! Where can I find Group Challenges on the Website?

This is driving me crazy. I can see my active Challenges under Groups on the mobile app, but where is this view on the website? If I click on Challenges at the top of the home screen, it just shows me "Recommended For You" challenges that I could joi...

Resolved! Timer resetting

Whenever I do an activity like HIIT or Weight Lifting the timer keeps resetting to zero during it and then restarting.  This doesn’t happen for running or walking.  Any ideas please?

Dazzler by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Be Private but still compete for segments

Hello. Wondering if it has ever been suggested to make a way to have your activities be non-public, yet still be able to be part of the leaderboards? A lot of the fun of Strava is segments. I hesitate to not make my activities public because I like b...

Resolved! Segment Privacy

Many cyclist friends are abandoning Strava because of the segments. They would like to be able to make the times on the segments private but still leave the activity visible. Introducing a function that makes the times on the segments private would s...

Adryanx by Shkhara
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Resolved! Segment Leaderboard Filtering is Broken (Website only)

When I go to any segment page on the Strava website (e.g. and scroll down to the leaderboard, any filtering request that I perform times out and is unable to be performed. The leaderboard filtering is a premiu...

Resolved! Downloaded routes issues

New to the forum so apologies if in the wrong placeMy downloaded routes won't load once I'm out in the middle of no where with no Internet. This keeps happening. I can't even see my list of routes anymore to open the downloaded one. It just tells me ...

Resolved! Runna activity not included in fitness

I use the progress features quite a lot and find them helpful i.e. monthly fitness and relative effort. I logged a 10km then yesterday via Runna and it loaded a Ross the my activity fees no problem, but it is not showing against any of my progress?