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Resolved! Restore activity

Hey I posted my run and it didn’t show up on my page. I really need that run is there anyway that you could get it to show back up? Thank you! 

New problems in route creation

It appears there have been some recent changes in routing that have started causing problems for me.Here's one example: can see that instead of simply going straight at the light and crossing the ro...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Tracking a running challenge over a month

Hi,I work for a charity, and we are running a challenge in September. I have set up a club and expect to have approx 100 people. As this runs from 1-30 September, is there any way to calculate the distance travelled by everyone in the club over this ...

Resolved! Privacy: Visibility radius failure

I was under impression that by setting a visibility radius around my home address I'll hide any activity within that radius from the map. But it turns out that applies only to start and end of an activity. But what if someone stops by the home in the...

Resolved! Default Activity When I Go To Record

Greetings! It is not easy to find where to post or where to get help. Hopefully someone has some guidance. I use Strava for cycling probably 95% of the time but one time I went hiking about 3 months ago and decided to record it. Now whenever I open t...

iiszach by Mt. Kenya
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Training analysis - data download possible?

Dear Strava Community, I would like to analyse my Training in defined last periods, overall but also per category. I am interested in analyses like: - Cycling, last three months, last 12 months, current year, total time, average HR, max HR, etc - the...

Joachim by Shkhara
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