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Resolved! Power graph

A recent app update has moved the power graph away from the analysis tab.   This is a really bad change because looking at the correlation between power and heart rate in the analysis tab is at the core of data analysis.   I would urge support in mov...

Resolved! Strava time stamps are not local time?

HI community,I have been using Strava for the past 14 months with full subscription and find it great for aggregating all my activities.Lately I have noticed that the Strava Clock is not my local clock, the Strava clock is apparently Strava server ti...

Resolved! Activities defaults on retired bike

Hi all retired a bike some day ago and added a new one (gravel) and defaulted on cycling and gravel biking. New activities altough defaults on the old (and retired) bike.   Any help? regards Luca

lmalossi by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Help Creating a New Route

Hi! I've been trying to create a route through a paved greenway trail and whenever I try to draw my route, Strava doesn't recognize it as a valid way - even though the global heat map is dark blue and when I ran on it the other day Strava recognized ...

Resolved! Take out file from club

Hi,I want to extract a list of all the activities that the club members have done in the last month. Is there any way to do this? When I check "recent activities" I only see the activities of the last 5 days.If I look in my own feed at everyone I fol...

Resolved! Something's wrong with snowboard activities

Hi everybody,I think there's a mistake with "snowboard" activities. If you record an activity of this type, the only segments in the report page are climbs. If you want to see slopes' times (so, time for descents) you have to change your activity in ...

Screenshot 2023-01-03 alle 15.28.00.png

Resolved! bug: segment "My Results" labelled incorrectly

Strava, segments taken within 1-minute of each other are labelled incorrectly with the same label number instead of being unique. I did this segment below 10 times, and instead of being numbered 1 to 10 they are numbered 1,1,3,4,5,6,6,8,9,10 which ma...

Odie2024 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! GAP

In the section where it shows splits I am wanting to know what GAP time is. Today is the 1st day I have got these times along with my pace.  I am wondering how it is calculated. Thanks

Kellydoc by Mt. Kenya
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