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STRAVA Too Expensive for what it offers

Is it just me that gets annoyed with how much effort puts in to trying to make me subscribe? I already told them that their price is way too high for the features offered.  I've already told them that I won't be subscribing at that price. It's expens...

Resolved! Login Assistance

I have recently been logged out of my Strava and have lost access to the email account it was linked to. how do I recover the account? I am still able to automatically upload activities through the Garmin connect app and I am subscribed to Strava. Pl...

Resolved! Can we have more sports in Clubs

It would be great to be able to select more sports for Clubs. In addition to run/swim/bike, our group paddles a lot, flat and white water. It would be nice to be able to 1- plan for example kayak activities int eh club, 2-have the kayak activities co...

Resolved! Calories burned not showing on Strava

My last 2 walks are not showing the calories burned, yet prior to those that has always shown on my activity feed. I’m not using a different device so I’m confused as to what’s happening? My other activities: indoor and outside cycling are showing ca...

Resolved! Public Photos on Routes

Does anyone know why the location of public photos on routes is hidden? - It would be great to see where those photos are taken, especially when the route has longer distance.

Nordic Skiing full distance

There is no way to see full distance of Nordic Skiing. And even better if you could choose a period as Skiing season starts November and might end in May. There's also new year in between which makes the season tracking difficult because everything s...

Stilis by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Flybys not loading

Nothing loads when I click on Flybys on my activity. This has just started in the last few days, no change to my privacy settings, which are set to allow all.

mjsobel by Mt. Kenya
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Global Heatmap Visibility

Hi,I just noticed that the Global Heatmap for my area suddenly has lost most of it's color.  It seems as it Strava is now filtering the Global Heatmap more aggressively and areas where previously I could see many routes there are now very few.  I use...

Newlands by Mt. Kenya
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Flagging - a review

I've been flagging a lot of activities lately, and finding the entire process very difficult due to only being allowed to flag 10 activities under a 24 hour period (starting from when the last flag was raised). This is the most problematic on Walking...