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Resolved! Live Segments

Is there any way to limit the live segments notifications to just the starred segments and not the popular ones? As I ride it's just a constant stream of live segment notices that I don't have any interest in, yet to clear the screen means taking a h...

Steve33 by Mt. Kenya
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Add Legend to this graph/chart

In this graph/chart at the bottom showing pace and heart rate, can you tell what is the pace and what is the heart rate? If the answer is 'no', then please add legends on the left and right axis accordingly to it please. Thank you.

jochen by Mt. Kenya
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Minimum Segment length ?

I noticed that someone recently asked that the minimum length of mountain bike Segments be decreased and the post was quickly archived by an admin on the basis that reverting Strava changes could not be discussed.I have some sympathy for the poster -...

Ian by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Matched Rides Disappearing?

Hi! So, recently I did a ride (bike), one that I do exactly quite often, every couple of weeks for the last few years. Matched rides used to pop up and show me all of these rides going all the way back to 2019. Now, suddenly, I only see matches for t...


You've started using 'their' when referring to your customers instead of 'he' or 'her'. Why not have a 'preferred pronoun' field on the profile page for those who want to choose something other than 'he' or 'her' and assume the rest of us are referre...

bill_m by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Average Pace

Hello Ive been a Strava user for a number of years, and have always used the average pace function - my average pace across total distance run - to track my runs i seem to have automatically been given a preview subscription and now, when I run, I ca...

Alex9 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Customizing splits

Does anyone know if I can define the size of the splits? By default I can chose between 1km or 1mi, but it would be nice to really define other distances.Even better, it would be awesome to define time splits instead of distance one. That would allow...

overxx by Mt. Kenya
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