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Resolved! External links

Is it OK to link to a YouTube video (in this case a yoga instructional video) in the description of my strava activity and post it to my followers?

Maintenance tracker

What about the ability to split gear/bikes into sub categories ie. Chain, so can keep a track of waxing lubing schedules and to see if a certain lube/method works better. Or tyres, add your tyres to keep an eye on mileage etc. 

Cjm88 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Make admin

Hi all, I have gone through a big frustration with failures to add admins to my club. No matter what I use, my notebook with Firefox, Chrome and Edge, mobile app, I have tried everything and no luck with adding the admin. Whenever I click on the MAKE...

tlhotk by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! rides without equipment

Hello guys,    I use strava to record my mtb rides but I discovered that some of them do not rest the equipment (bicycle) so I do not have a correct calculation of kilometers for bears and consequently even Probikegarage can not display a correct mil...

Resolved! Average and actual speed

For several weeks, strava has been displaying my current speed and above my average speed during my activities. Someone knows how to reset the average speed ?

William1 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Power curve issue with 'Last 6 Weeks'

I looked at my power curve comparing 'All of 2022' to 'Last 6 weeks' and discovered that a ride that I did 10 days ago shows up in 'All of 2022' curve, but not in the 'Last 6 Weeks' curve. Is this a bug or is there some logical explanation for it?


Inaccurate Swim Time issue

I am using strava on my mobile phone to record open water swimming. When saving the activity I get a ridiculous time, although the recorded route is accurate. I can get the correct time by resaving as a run and then again as a swim. However, as soon ...