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Resolved! Ride a segment but not in the list.

This morning we did a tour in Belgian Ardennes with our Cycling club.We did a 8 K long climb from La Roche to Samrėe.After syncing, I remarked that on some segments on this climb, I have no result, on others I have results. It's like I didn't passed ...

Resolved! Safety concern: time and location shared in feed

Hi thereStrava is awesome - nothing to add to that.However, I have certain security and privacy concerns with regards to the combination of location information (track) and the timing of said recorded track. The location information is an integral pa...

Benwoo by Mt. Kenya
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Hide an (old) effort from segment

Dear all, I am checking different segments on my regular route and noticed that the progress isnt showing a lot of deviation although I increase a lot. This is because there is this one time that got recorded with a flat tire. So went way over my usu...

VictorV by Mt. Kenya
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GPX Upload limit despite premium account

I've been using another app to record my routes for over 10 years and have now switched to Strava. I can upload 25 tracks at once and after about 4 repetitions I probably reached a limit and am locked out for a day. I also have a premium subscription...

Resolved! Be Private but still compete for segments

Hello. Wondering if it has ever been suggested to make a way to have your activities be non-public, yet still be able to be part of the leaderboards? A lot of the fun of Strava is segments. I hesitate to not make my activities public because I like b...

Resolved! apple watch ultra action button

I recently purchased an apple watch ultra and i was hoping that i could map activity starts to the action button, if possible this would be a super appreciated feature!

Benjamin by Mt. Kenya
  • 27 replies
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Blue shaded circle around my location

Hi all,Can anyone help me get rid if the blue shaded circle?.  It happens every time I create a route and allow Strava to access my location. Makes the underlying map difficult to see.Thanks.

redart by Mt. Kenya
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Maps offline

 Hey folks, I can no longer access my routes from my mobile devices… I get an error message that I’m offline and IM NOT!  anyone else seen this?  All the map graphics have urned off too