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Resolved! Are the tracks near you open or closed to public?

How do you find out?I wish there was an easy way to tell if tracks are open before going and a way to comment on a segment/ point of interest to say it is closed. Some tracks are only open if the teams are practicing on the weekend. 

Shant by Mount Logan
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Resolved! spin

Hello! I have one question though! When I go to the gym for a spin class, I can't directly add the distance covered to my profile? Am I not able to do it or is it not possible? Every time I have to manually add the spin workout and the distance, and ...

IfarZe by Mt. Kenya
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How to stop rides being duplicated?

After each ride my Garmin Edge automatically uploads the ride to my Strava account where I add a couple of photos, edit the title, add some notes; all done via a web browser. Then later a duplicate of the ride appears on my account with a generic nam...

Resolved! New garmin HRM and change of layout on activity

hey guys, So I have just this week gotten a new HRM, a Garmin Pro-Plus. Now when I complete a HIIT workout and save ther activity it seems to be recording mileage on the main page of my activity. How do I change / edit this? Its not the end of the wo...

RichB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Duplicate activity uploads sync issue

Due to occasional inaccuracies in altitude and dynamic data on my Apple Watch, I typically use both the Apple Watch Ultra and Coros watch connected to the Stryd running sensor during marathon runs. However, today I noticed that the data from the Coro...

Kennyx by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Triathlon leaderboard sports stats update

Could be possible to add other kind of sports in the leaderboard stats for Triathlon Clubs? Actually, the leaderboard for Triathlon clubs take only runs, rides, and swims stats into account. It is a pity because triathlete trained as well: fitness, c...

Resolved! Group challenge

I need a help - I created a challenge for group of my friends, but before that I wanted to test it via few scenarios. I didn't realize that one of the members I invited to test is a non-subscriber and he "spent" all the three free accesses. Now he ca...