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[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems creating Routes

UPDATE FROM STRAVA: We're aware of a technical issue that may impact some Athletes who are trying to create longer routes. Sincere apologies for this issue.  Our Team is working on a fix, and we will update this thread when we have more information. ...

Wurfy by Shkhara
  • 18 replies
  • 61 kudos

Resolved! External links

Is it OK to link to a YouTube video (in this case a yoga instructional video) in the description of my strava activity and post it to my followers?

Emmajane by Mt. Kenya
  • 1 replies
  • 1 kudos

Resolved! rides without equipment

Hello guys,    I use strava to record my mtb rides but I discovered that some of them do not rest the equipment (bicycle) so I do not have a correct calculation of kilometers for bears and consequently even Probikegarage can not display a correct mil...

Resolved! Average and actual speed

For several weeks, strava has been displaying my current speed and above my average speed during my activities. Someone knows how to reset the average speed ?

William1 by Mt. Kenya
  • 13 replies
  • 6 kudos

Resolved! Swimming map

Why when I swim in the sea, does it not put a map on my activity. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn’t. I have gps and my phone is alway with me too

Emma6181 by Mt. Kenya
  • 7 replies
  • 7 kudos

Resolved! Dark Mode !!

It's 2022 and most apps have Dark Mode nowadays. I know, it's weird to use Strava when not working out... But looking at the segments the night before to plan out the next run is a thing. Please make us literally lose less sleep when doing this, or w...

marcb by Shkhara
  • 8 replies
  • 136 kudos

Resolved! How to enter distances in metres on the Android app?

I'm using an indoor rower and want to enter the number of metres I've done in 10 minutes. I add a manual activity, choose "rowing", but the distance only gives me the option for miles or km. If I use km it only goes to one decimal place, which is no ...

Jade by Shkhara
  • 1 replies
  • 2 kudos

Resolved! Ride a segment but not in the list.

This morning we did a tour in Belgian Ardennes with our Cycling club.We did a 8 K long climb from La Roche to Samrėe.After syncing, I remarked that on some segments on this climb, I have no result, on others I have results. It's like I didn't passed ...

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