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Resolved! Calories burned not showing on Strava

My last 2 walks are not showing the calories burned, yet prior to those that has always shown on my activity feed. I’m not using a different device so I’m confused as to what’s happening? My other activities: indoor and outside cycling are showing ca...

Resolved! Map my Run to Apple Health to Stava possible?

I use Map my Run to record my runs and it integrates to Apple Health perfectly.  Is there a way for this to also link to stava so I don't have to manually download the TCX file and upload it?  When I use Apple Workout from my watch to record my runs ...

mlance by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How do you use Points of Interest/POI?

I've seen these poppoing up on the map and not really sure how to use them properly? I recently found you can long press these and routes pop up but I don;t know if these aer auto-genereated or come from the heatmap of the POI starting there. I'm int...

VikK by Kilimanjaro
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Resolved! segnalazione attività svolta in e-bike

Buona sera a tutti, la mia domanda è questa, da circa 10 giorni se provo a segnalare un attività svolta chiaramente in e-bike ma caricata come se fosse svolta in bici muscolare, Strava mi dice che "Non si è in possesso dei permessi per contrassegnare...

luciano by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! start timer on a ride

I would like to see if its possible to delay the start of timer when starting a ride. With cold weather starting in the northeast i find using gloves j need to wait to put one on until i hit the start button. it would be nice not to have the timer ru...

chasty9 by Mt. Kenya
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Inaccurate Swim Time issue

I am using strava on my mobile phone to record open water swimming. When saving the activity I get a ridiculous time, although the recorded route is accurate. I can get the correct time by resaving as a run and then again as a swim. However, as soon ...

Resolved! Re: Community Guide to: Ideas

Buenos días. Solo quería que si es posible los retos que se dan a bici muscular virtual y hambike también se pusieran a bicis eléctricas así como los segmentos se pasarán los ya existentes se pulmonar a eléctrica y kom también  Gracias Y espero respu...

Edu by Mt. Kenya
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