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Resolved! Activity privacy

Not really a question, but a Suggestion: We already have the option to favorite different followers of ours. Why just don’t make one more option regarding activity privacy that shows “favorites only”. With that meaning that just a handful of people, ...

LilBoat by Shkhara
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Resolved! Kitesurf speed

Why does speed scale disappear from the map on kitesurf trips? Would be great to see the speed over different parts of the kite session on the map... Thanks

Resolved! File Upload - Rate limited

I'm trying to use file upload on the Upload and Sync Your Activities page. I have 400 activities to upload from TCX files, limited to 15 files at a time by the page. I can upload 30 files in 2 batches, and then I get an error: You've exceeded the max...

nekno by Shkhara
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Resolved! Choose default activity type from full list

I only use Strava for Kayaking. I can edit any activity to be kayaking. However, my only choice for a default type is running or cycling. Why is this? Why can I not choose from the same list as the activity list? I do not want to have to go and manua...

Resolved! Kudos

Is there a way to tap the whole activity and give kudos instead of tapping the tiny little icon? I think many people would benefit from double tapping the whole activity, instead of having to tap the tiny little thumbs up. This is because I often mis...

Ed1 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Matched Rides Disappearing?

Hi! So, recently I did a ride (bike), one that I do exactly quite often, every couple of weeks for the last few years. Matched rides used to pop up and show me all of these rides going all the way back to 2019. Now, suddenly, I only see matches for t...

Resolved! Average Pace

Hello Ive been a Strava user for a number of years, and have always used the average pace function - my average pace across total distance run - to track my runs i seem to have automatically been given a preview subscription and now, when I run, I ca...

Alex9 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Safety concern: time and location shared in feed

Hi thereStrava is awesome - nothing to add to that.However, I have certain security and privacy concerns with regards to the combination of location information (track) and the timing of said recorded track. The location information is an integral pa...

Benwoo by Mt. Kenya
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Map type

I takes two tries when I edit an activity to change the map type.   Why?

Tlab by Mt. Kenya
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