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Resolved! Moving Time Error

I recorded a hike on my Garmin Etrex with an elapsed time of 4:12:51 and moving time of 3:54:26. When it loaded to Strava the elapsed time showed as 4:12:46 which is fine but the moving time came up as 00:00:59 giving a pace of 11s/mile. A new world ...

alif18 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! spin

Hello! I have one question though! When I go to the gym for a spin class, I can't directly add the distance covered to my profile? Am I not able to do it or is it not possible? Every time I have to manually add the spin workout and the distance, and ...

IfarZe by Mt. Kenya
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Hello, I have a problem with unsynced activity showing in my app. Cant sync it, cant delete it. Please help. Pics attached.              

Screenshot_20220824-193545.png Screenshot_20220824-193549.png
Kapelusz by Shkhara
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Resolved! Strava iOS App Activities Not Showing Images

Seeing a really odd issue over the last few days. All activities in my feed - including my own - are not displaying any images (map, photos) other than video. Everything is fine when I logon via a browser. I have tried logging out and back in again, ...

Resolved! Refresh my results tool DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK!!!

I think I have a problem with one segment where I tried hard today to hit my PR and I did it. The sträva live segment on my wahoo Elemnt shows I did it 16:07 minutes but when I did upload the activity on Strava, it show 19:22 minutes. I already tried...

IMG_8514.jpg IMG_8515.jpg IMG_8516.jpg

Resolved! Import

Why does Strava correct my tempo times when importing from another app?

DeDoopys by Mt. Kenya
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